Monday, December 11, 2017

Interesting facts about the world

The history of humankind numbers thousands of decades of continuous development that made people the way we are now. Hundreds of wars, catastrophes, epidemics and other factors influenced the formation of human race. In spite of the fact that modern researchers are trying to do their best in order to unravel all secrets of the planet Earth, but we haven’t even reached the middle of universal knowledge. So, don’t be surprised by that fact that there are a lot of interesting facts about our planet you didn’t know. If you want to widen your range of vision, go on reading our article. Today, we are going to tell you something much more interesting then how to get a good haircut in New York.

# 1 The katzenklavier
Katzenklavier is an invention of German scholar, that was made in 17 century. Literally, it means “cat piano” in German language. It consisted of several cats, with different voice pitched, caged in a row. Are you interested what made them produce the sounds? Sharp prick in the tail will make any cat Meow. We should say that it is absolutely inhumanly and cruel, and thanks God this invention is left far behind.

# 2 An epidemic of laughter
Do you have a very infectious laughter? Be careful with it! In 1962 year, in Tanzania started an epidemic of laughter. It only sounds funny, but in reality, several schools were closed, and the whole epidemic lasted for about a year! People were complaining about pain, fainting, rashes and crying, and it is not good at all.

# 3 Blue skin people
Do, you think that only Avatars have blue skin? No! There was a family, who lived in Kentucky state for many years and they had a blue skin! Rare genetic disease called methemoglobinemia made them look like that. Who knows, maybe they served as prototypes for famous movie everybody loves so much! And would you like to have blue skin? Is it cool to be different?
Hope these facts were useful for you and made this day more interesting. Open your mind and enjoy a wonderful life you have.


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Four Ways To Prepare For Visiting Your Barber

Sometimes, visiting a barber is like a visit to the dentist. Some men think that hairdressers are devils and all they want is to make you look ugly, but actually, it isn’t true. All we have had a bad experience of a bad haircut, but do you know who is guilty? You are, bro. We think that barbers can read minds and do everything we want. No, they can’t! Get prepared for the next appointment to a stylist with simple tips provided by the best barbers New York.

#1 Find what you want
Before making a new hairstyle, you should know what you want. Check Instagram, Pinterest, or just pictures in Google of hairstyles you might like. Find at least 3-4 and save it on your cell phone. We all have different tastes and sometimes, barbers can’t understand what hairstyle you want, for this reason, it is so important to show pictures you like.

#2 Ask questions
It’s essential to ask questions about hairstyles which are suitable for you. We all have different face shape and hair type, so show the picture of the styles you like and ask will they suit you or no. Every professional hairdresser will be glad to help find a perfect style which you can wear and look smart for 100%.

#3 Styling
Pay attention to how a hairdresser styles a mane, ask questions about the ways to do it at home. Your barber will tell you the secrets of a perfect and simple styling, just don’t be afraid of asking.

#4 Caring and styling products
Throw out all of those commercial hair care and styling products you might use before. Every barber will confirm that they are too harmful due to the different toxins content. They can bring you nothing - just damage. Almost in every barber shop, you can buy professional stuff, so ask a barber to help you with it. Of course, you’ll overpay $10-15, but you will reduce many mane problems.

Don’t be afraid of hairdressers!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Hair Extension for Kinky Hair

There was a time when people didn’t want to talk about hair extensions, but girls all over the world wore it secretly. Nowadays, the fashion as changed and hair extensions become extremely popular. Everybody around, including our celebrities, wear fake hair and are not afraid to discuss it. Yes, now it is cool to have some extended hair, experiment with your look and show your personality to the world through such an extraordinary way. However, if you have curly or kinky hair, your dream of having an extension can turned to be a tough task to complete. If you have decided to try something new for you, our professionals at NYC hair salon are here to help you. Check out these essential tips you should be aware of, before going for hair extension.

Preparation is a must
Curly and kinky is considered the most problematic and difficult to maintain type of hair. It is extremely prone to excessive dryness, breakages, tangles and split ends. Hair extension can seriously worsen the whole situation, so you need to prepare your hair for further trials. For about several weeks before the procedure, switch you typical shampoo to nourishing one, use deep moisturizing conditioners and apply special hair mask to make your hair stronger and bouncy.

Synthetic or real?
There are two types of hair extension you can choose: synthetic and real ones. As you can guess, synthetic ones are made of artificial materials. They are much cheaper, but look a little bit unnatural and will not serve for a very long time. Real one are made of human hair ( isn’t it creepy, huh?), of course  they look beautiful and natural, unlike synthetically ones and can serve you for years, in case of proper maintaining. Without any doubts,  it is completely up to you to decide which one to choose, but you have to consider your budget, purpose you go for it and other criteria. If you want to do it just for fun, choose synthetic extension and save you money, in any other cases, real hair is for you.

Keep these tips in mind next time you decide to go for hair extensions and you will look magnificent.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Get Inspired With These Best Hairstyles

There are so many cool styles which you will totally like, but what hairstyles do suits for any face shapes? We asked the top stylists at good barber shops in NYC to provide us with the classic men haircuts which will suit you!

#1 Long side part
The long mane is a huge trend this year. There is no reason to grow up a very long hair, just a little longer than you usually wear. Ask your stylists to make a fade on the sides and a side part! It looks terrific and modern with no styling!

#2 Loose and messy comb-over
For those men who know how to use essential styling products. Hair pomade and a hairspray can make magic. A simple fade prevents heating during the summer, and a messy comb-over bring your look a very stylish note, just don’t forget to fixate it to stay confident during all day!

#3 Slicked back with tapered sides
Such style is effortless in treatment but looks cool for 100%. All you need is tapered sides and a little amount of a styling pomade to make a slick back. Classic hairstyle, which is suitable for any face shape and makes you look so smart!

#4 Wavy fringe with a fade
If you one of those luckiest who has a wavy and curly mane, you should try this hairstyle. Long curly fringe brings you lots of volume, and a fade on the sides makes life simpler with no styling and hindering you during daily workouts.

#5 Puffy hairstyle for thick mane
Thick hair has lots of natural volume, and you should show it with a simple fade and long mane on the top. It looks terrific and truly modern with any styling and special treatment - all you need is to wash it regularly and sometimes use a hairbrush.

#6 Undercut with a pony tail
Long mane truly looks amazing and manly, just remember Khal from the Game of Thrones! It looks magnificent and smart, especially with a long thick facial hair. Girls like it.

Give your mane a chance to make you look smart!

Friday, November 3, 2017

3 Classic men hairstyles

People say that eyes it the first thing people fix on their sight when see you for the first time. We dare to argue this fact and say that hairstyle – is much more eye catchy thing in every man's look. It should also be noted that finding a perfect hairstyle is much more difficult than finding a comfortable pair of shoes.  If you are looking for some inspiration and do not have even the slightest idea what to do with all those hair on your head, our blog is meant for you.  Top professionals at good nyc barbershop gathered for you three timeless, classic hairstyles in one place. Reading it will not take you more than 5 minutes, but it can change your life once and for all.
# 1 Texture + Fringe
The very first thing you should know, if aiming to go for this cut it that you will need a lot of length on the top. If you are not ready to wait and grow out longer strands, you will never get that sexy and sophisticated at the same time image. If you already have enough hair, hurry up to visit your barber. We should also warn you that such cut requires lots of styling efforts. You will need at least some texturizing spray, pomade and wax.
# 2 Shoulder length
If you are a self – confident man, who knows what he want from this life and ready to top the whole world, go for shoulder length hairstyle. It is a universal hairstyle that fits any hair type and structure. Professionals advise you to create some layers in your hair, in order to get attractive messy hairstyle, women love the most.
# 3 Sleek back
This hairstyle came to us from early 20`s. Nevertheless, it continues to be extremely popular among self – sufficient, mature men. Modern hairstyle almost hasn’t changed since that time and saved all charm, exquisite beauty and attractiveness. If you want to and some masculinity to your everyday image and look more confidently, this cut is perfect for you.
Follow these tips and embrace one of these gorgeous hairstyles in real life.